The Pattern Generator DG-8000 is a multi-purpose 6-channel pulse generator, that can also be used to

output inverter control signals simply by using the Inverter/PPG option. By using the synchronization option, three DG-8000 can be used simultaneously, adding their channels to a total of 18.




Number of Output Channels: 6 (non-isolated)
Output Level: ± 10 V (open) or ± 5 V (50Ω)
ORed Output: Any specified channel (1-6) ORed and output at channel 1
Interface: Storage (USB)
  Remote (LAN, GPIB)
Screen: 4.7" color-LCD
Output Modes: Basic (6 channels controlled independently)

Inverter, PPG and Running Pattern

(implemented by software options)

External Modulation: Hardware option
Simple Synchronization: Hardware option


3 x 6 Channel DG-8000 as Multi-Purpose Generator:

Example of three DG-8000 operated simultaneously using the synchronization option.





DG-8000 as Inverter Control-Signal Generator:

3-Phase, 2-Level inverter control signals (3-Phase pattern output) output using the Inverter/PPG option.





DG-8000 generating arbitrary pulse pattern signals (DG-801 option):

By using the PPG feature, the DG-8000 can be used to generate complex 6-Channel logic signals based on specified pulse patterns.

Waveform patterns can be created by using waveform creation software (free of charge).

Frequency specification mode allows for specifying repetition frequencies of any pulse pattern.


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