Best suited for measuring characteristics of different types of semiconductors including IGBTs, MOSFETs, transistors and diodes

- Maximum peak voltage: 3,000 V (High-Voltage Mode for all models)

- Maximum peak current: 1,000 A (CS-3300 High-Current Mode)

- All models support the Leakage mode (cursor resolution: 1 pA)

- USB for screen copy and saving setups

- LAN Interface for remote control





  Product Name



Main Unit Semiconductor Curve Tracer CS-3100 3000 V / without HC mode - CS-301 / CS-500
Semiconductor Curve Tracer CS-3200 3000 V / 400 A (HC mode) - CS-302 / CS-500
Semiconductor Curve Tracer CS-3300 3000 V / 1000 A (HC mode) - CS-302 / CS-500
Fixture Fixture S CS-301 Standard for CS-3100
Fixture M CS-302 Standard for CS-3200 / CS-3300



Blank Test Adapter CS-500 1 blank test adapter comes with the main unit
TO Type Test Adapter   Socket suited to the TO type package (with 3 terminals)
Alligator Clip Small Alligator Clip (red) x10 CS-001 Options for Fixture M: CS-302
Small Alligator Clip (black) x10 CS-002 Options for Fixture M: CS-302



Semiconductor Parameter Search CS-800 This is a Software Option to be installed in the CS-3000 series
Semiconductor Parameter Measurement CS-810 This Option can be used on the PC (optional) when the CS-800 is installed in the Main Unit


User Friendly Measurement Screen


Graphical Configuration Selection Transistor I-V Characteristic Example (Trace Mode)
Vbe and Ic waveforms in the High Current Pulse Mode (Wave Mode)


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